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    Human Wizard


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    Human Wizard Empty Human Wizard

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    1. Go to Guldin's Church and talk with the human girl with the mirror, Parina. She will ask you to speak to the Fire Spirit.

    Human Wizard Parina10

    2. Now go south from Gludio and go to the Ruins of Despair. Find and talk to the Red Salamander. You should find it nearby the inside perimeter of the walls, in a place where zombies and bats are roaming. The Red Salamander will command you to kill a Ratman Warrior. After you kill the Ratman Warrior and get the key, return to the Red Salamander. The Red Salamander will give you an earring.

    Human Wizard Flame_10 Human Wizard Ratman10

    Talk to the Lizardman. The Lizardman will give you an item that you need. Note, be careful as the Lizardman is in the middle of the desert and high level mobs are in there, all of them are lethal for a level 20. Make sure you take escape scrolls with you as you will not want to try returning through these high level mobs. The Lizardman will give you a Wind Feather.

    Take the Wind Feather back to the Wind Sylph (Lirein Spirit) and she will give you a Wind Bangle ring.

    Now go south from the triangle and talk to the Spirit Water Undine that gives you Rama's Diary and will ask you to kill Water Seer's (Beholder) until you get . The Water Seer are close to you (go north and you will find them near the lake. It's basically on the west side of the lake, in a house. Wander around when you see Water Seers and she should be there.). Take these back to the Spirit Water Undine and he will give you a Water Necklace in trade for the Diary and Pebbles.

    Now go to the Grim Ruins/ Ruins of agony (west of Gludio, see map) and talk to the Basilisk (Earth Snake). You can find him near the north entrance). The Basilisk will give you a Rust Gold Coin and wants you to kill a Red Bear. You can find Red Bears near the Grim Ruins (Ruins of agony) . The Bear drops a Red Soil (you only need one!). Take the Red Soil back to the Basilisk (Earth Snake) and he will give you an Earth Ring for the Red Soil.

    Then return to Gludin and talk to the Parina first. When level 20 is reached, Speak with High priest Levian inside the Church and you will be a WIZARD.

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