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    Human Knight


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    Human Knight Empty Human Knight

    Mesaj Scris de ExpressYourself Joi Sept 18, 2008 1:07 pm

    1. Head over to Gludin and make your way to the human and elf training building. Talk to Sir Karrel Vasper in order to start the knight's quest. He'll ask you to get three coin of lords.

    Human Knight Sir_kl10

    2.Go to the church and talk to High Priest Levian, who will tell you to get 20 totems obtainable from killing Langk Lizardmen.

    Human Knight Priest10

    3.At the west gate, talk to Captain Bezique, who�ll tell you to get 20 poison spider legs, obtainable from' .you guessed it, poison spiders! Note ! You can do these two quests separately, but since Langk Lizardmen and Poison Spiders are in the same area, I don't see the point.

    Human Knight Arania10

    Human Knight Langk_10

    4. Head south of Gludin, and start hunting. Once you get 20 Totems and 20 Legs, go back to the corresponding people to receive two coins of lords.

    5. The final coin mini-quest is gotten at Gludio. At the north gate is Captain Bathia, who will ask for 10 Bugbear Necklaces. Bugbear Raider can be found northeast of Gludio in some ruins along the road.

    Human Knight Brathi10 Human Knight Bugbea10

    6. Once you have all 10 necklaces, go back to Captain Bathia to get the third coin of lords. Head back to Sir Karrel Vasper, and he'll reward you with a sword of ritual.

    7. Take the sword to Grandmaster Ramos once you hit level 20 (He is in Gludin Village right beside Klaus Vasper in Human/Elf fighter trainer building to his right). Go through the chat by saying you want to find information about becoming a Knight, then you want to become a Knight.

    Human Knight Ramos110

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