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    1. In Gludio Castle Town speak with Master Reoria (Reisa) in the Elven trainer's building. She will give you Reisa's Letter 2 and instruct you to travel to the Abandoned Camp and hunt Ol'Mahum Patrols. Before you leave Gludio Castle Town , she asks you to speak to Guard Moretti.

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    2. Travel to the East gates of Gludio Castle Town and talk to Guard Moretti. He will take Reoria's Letter 2 from you.

    3. Go to the Abandoned Camp and hunt Ol'Mahum Patrol until you have Pippen's Tear Letters 1, 2, 3 and 4 . The Ol'Mahum Patrols are level 21 and can be quite tough, so make sure you stock up on healing potions and take a couple of friends along.

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    4. After you have collected all 4 letters return to Guard Moretti in Gludio Castle Town.

    5. Speak with Guard Moretti, he will take all 4 letters and in return give you Moretti's Herb and Moretti's Letter .

    6. Guard Moretti instructs you to speak to Pippen. Travel to where the Elf Lands, the Dark Elf Lands, and Gludio meet. Pippen is located amidst some ruins there.

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    7. Pippen will ask you to kill the Ol'Mahum Sentries that are holding him captive. In order to free him, you must get the Rusted Key from the Ol'Mahum Sentries.

    8. Once you have the Rusted Key, return to Pippen and free him. Speak to him and give him Moretti's Herb and Moretti's Letter. He will in return give you Pippen's Letter. He instructs you to return to Gludio Castle Town and speak with Guard Moretti.

    9. Travel to Gludio Castle Town and speak with Guard Moretti. He will take Pippen's Letter and give you Honorary Guard. He asks you to speak again with Master Reisa.

    10. Speak with Master Reisa and give her the Honorary Guard. She will then give you Reisa's Recommendation and instruct you to speak with Grandmaster Rains.

    11. Talk to Grand Master Rains and give him Reoria's Recommendation to become an Elven Scout at level 20.

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